Thursday, January 13, 2011

My last day!!! Isagenix Day 9 of Cleanse

Today is my last day of cleansing. I'm proud to say that I've done it with minimal cheating and deviation.

I got through yesterday fine. I was concerned about the drive since the water had been going through me but I modified the cleanse schedule so that I didn't do my 3rd cleanse until I got home. Normally I'm a muncher when I'm on the road and I was surprised at how I didn't seem to miss that too much. I allowed myself one of the Snacks per 100 km of travel and that worked out well.

Today I put on a blouse that I received at Christmas that was too snug to wear comfortably. It fits fine now. It's very tailored and I have to say that it looks great.

I'm down 5.5 lbs which is only a half lb from when I did the first set of cleanse days but it feels like more. When I sit I only have one belly bump rather than the three layers that I had before. I'm starting to see my hip bones again as well.

I haven't looked at seeing whether there's any guidance for what to do after the cleanse on Isagenix. My plan is to follow South Beach Diet until I get to 138 pounds or until we go to the Caribbean. I'm looking forward to eating real food.

The benefits of the plan for me have been:

1. I didn't have to think or plan too much while following the program so it was easy.
2. I'm seeing inches lost which I hope will make me more dedicated to continuing.
3. I don't seem to be having the sweet craving that I usually do and I didn't cheat or really want to cheat.
4. I didn't realize until now, but for the last 11 days I haven't worried about what I was eating and what it was going to do to my figure. No guilt and only excitement. Wow!

I'm sure I would have seen the same thing if I had been trying to keep to a 1200 a day calorie diet, but I know that I wouldn't have had the discipline to do so if I allowed myself access to all the foods.

I didn't see the energy that everyone talks about, but I've been sick so it's not fair to say that it doesn't exist.

My cheats were I didn't exercise, I rarely used filtered water, occasionally I had a few more almonds or Snacks than I should have.

Tomorrow I'll post final statistics and then I'll track further progress.



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