Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blechy! - Pre-Cleanse Day 2 synopsis


I've completed Day 2. This was my first day back at work and I wondered how it would go.

I'm proud to say that I easily turned down all offers of Christmas chocolate and goodies.

I had a shake for breakfast at work. I combined it with the orange Want More Energy that Patti had been kind enough to send me. I used a large water bottle to mix everything in and just spent a about a half minute shaking it.

I very much liked the flavour - it was like having an orange creamsicle. So I've ordered more of the orange Want More Energy.

Had my mid morning snack and had another shake for lunch. I didn't have any flavouring for the shake and that's where it turned blechy. I didn't like the flavour at all and it stuck with me for a couple of hours. I should have my orange drink soon so by the time I get to the next shake day I should be fine.

According to one of the pieces of literature the chalky taste is because I'm not processing proteins efficiently. I don't know whether I buy this or not, but who knows.

For dinner I had a whole wheat tortilla with some onion cream cheese, a half sweet potato and some soybeans.

No cheating today and I feel good. I only got hungry closer to supper and I'm not feeling deprived yet.

I did have a headache all day, apparently quite common.

It's going to be difficult to separate the effects of the cleansing from the effects of getting over my cold. I've been feeling a bit better each day but the cold was particularly harsh so improvements are really noticeable.

Tomorrow is cleanse day and officially day 1 of the process.



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