Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1, Isagenix 9 day cleanse pre cleanse day 1

Hi All,

I've decided to try the Isagenix 9 day cleanse system. My friend, Patti, who has been more voluptuously curvy than she would like over the last several years started on the Isagenix program in June last year. I don't get to see her often but when I did see her in the fall last year she looked amazing and there's no way you could say that she needed to lose weight. She's wrestled with her weight more than I have and has become almost born-again in her enthusiasm with the product line.

Just before Christmas she offered me a deal on the 9 day cleanse that was very reasonable. I wouldn't have tried the product line otherwise since we don't eat a lot of pre-processed food. There is also so much hype involving the product that I feel that it's somewhat along the lines of too good to be true.

But I felt that I needed to kickstart the 10 lbs that I want to lose and it seems like a relatively easy program to follow. Now that Christmas is over and I've got a relatively stable workload for the next few weeks this seems like a good time to try it.

I am a bit of a cynic on this one. The main reason I'm doing it is that it doesn't seem to involve a lot of thinking or planning and I want to lose the seasonal holiday weight I picked up before we go to the Caribbean.

If you'd like to know what I'm up to for the next 11 days - the plan is here.

My first thoughts is that the plan is a bit misleading. It says 9 day cleanse but there are two more days tacked on for pre-cleanse. I also suspect that it would be easy to achieve the same weight loss by eating the calorie loading that they're using and eating simply. But, often when I'm a cynic I'm proven wrong so I'm not completely closed minded about it.

Today is Day 1 for me. All I've done so far is take my measurements. They have you measure your neck, upper arms, body, and legs in three points. Lots of inches there at the moment - looking forward to dropping them.

I'll try to post more impressions at the end of the day. Now off to have one of the shakes that I'm supposed to have.



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